Sunday, December 9, 2012

Meet Jonathan The Elf (his Big Bear, Ca Adventures)

I have to introduce you to our new family friend "Jonathan."  He is a our Elf on the Shelf.  I had seen many Pinterest pins about this fun little guy and I had to jump on the train.  It was a little tough for me at first because of our crazy life with traveling for soccer and my current weird work schedule the commitment of daily elf activities seemed a little bit much to commit to.  However I made myself this promise... DO IT!   I sat down with a list of all of my ideas and my iPad calendar and narrowed them down and filled in the days.  I then set myself out shopping to get the needed items... which turned into a shopping spree... and voila- no turning back.   

We started our elf in November because we were taking a special family pre-Thanksgiving trip and I wanted to have the fun of Jonathan on that trip.  I am uber late in my blog post so you are going to get many pictures all at once... sorry!  ;) 

We will start with the introduction and our Big Bear, Ca adventures!

While the kids got all ready for bed I surprised them with the book and elf by the fireplace: 
     A quick little photo shoot! ;) 
 We deliberated shortly on a name...but it came quickly. How could you not immediately love this guy?

Day 1: Snow Play
We were going sledding the next day so here is Jonathan breaking the news to the kids. 
 I am sort of giving gifts / craft things to do often during this but I started out with these buttons I found at JoAnns for the kids. My daughter is 9 and my husband sadly says that she is starting to figure things out.  (Sad face mommy!) So I decided a little immediate dedication to Santa was necessary! 

Day 2: Roasting Marshmallows since we had made this a nightly routine Jonathan HAD to jump on the track.  He also left a package of "Magic Seeds" and instructions for the kids.  

Day three: Planting the magic seeds: Pouring the sugar.
My son sprinkling his wishes. 
 This is how the garden was left at bedtime. 
Voila: the garden grew!  

Now for the CRAZY part!  For 3 days my husband laughed at me and all of my needs to be "extravagant" but I did my thing and that is why he loves me.  Then on day three we ran into a problem. I was unaware of the "no touch rule" when we started this venture.  But now we were leaving in the morning... what were we going to do?  Well I was going to put him in the pocket of my backpack and just leave a note and carry the backpack....but no my husband wanted to throw me a curveball,  "make a video and leave it for the kids and have Jonathan gone."  WHAT?  I have never made a video, nor could I do it in the mountains with just my Ipad and phone.  REALLY?  Now that I had a challenge I had to do it..... so ladies and gentlemen 3.5 hours of work and here is the video that Jonathan the Elf e-mailed to the kids... yes I had to then create an email for the little dude.  Thank you husband!  However the kids LOVED it and I met my challenge, check and mate!  :) 

Well that is all of the fun we had in our few days at Big Bear.  The kids LOVED the video in the morning and it was a huge hit!  Come back for more adventures in Phoenix, Az!

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