Saturday, October 30, 2010

NO different than the rest...

And just like that I realized today that I have become the exact thing I have hated for years...
as I was shopping at the Rubber stamp and scrap expo here in vegas, I quickly realized that the day before Halloween I am just like Walmart... *GASP*... I can hear you now "what does she mean by that?"

Well it started about 3 years ago when I had to go and pick up black shoes for my daughters costume... on Halloween day I pulled up to Walmart and as I expected the usual greeter to flash a smile and wish us happy spending, my trail was dead ended by a GIANT christmas tree!! WHAT??!! We haven't even trick-or-treated yet... REALLY!!?? So for the last few years I have been in denial and dismay that one day Christmas season will soon be starting after the 4th of July weekend... UGH!!

Now back to the present.. so here I am shopping and spending "secret" amounts of money at the convention and as I am trying to think of all my reasons to "justify" each of my purchases when it dawns on me.. all these cute Halloween items I went gaga for only days ago now mean nothing to me! MY FAVORITE holiday thrown out the window for what... snowmen and christmas trees and wreaths... WHAT!! In my head i hear the echo... "tsk tsk tsk.. you haven't even trick-or-treated yet!!" But to me between all the cards I made that never got sent, the favors, the treat bags.. it finally dawned on me...

I am not better than the rest; Christmas season is upon us and I have to hustle to make sure I am done in time. *sigh*

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Party Favors

Hallween Party Favors

For my daughters class we made these super fun Halloween Party Favors. I cased a few ideas from the LSD group (I am sorry I lost the links to refer the original ideas!). We filled frosting bags with candy corn, M&Ms, and Resees Pieces... we then made them into hats, glued them to the top note die base, made "inchies boxes" from the punches and designed 4 themed boxes (see below)... added a spooky eyeball bubble, notebook, pencil, and notebook... topped it off with a fuzzy little monster and finally 4 days later we were done... haha!!

Click here for the TUTORIAL for these favors