Friday, March 1, 2013

Project Life week 2

So a quick review of the weeks.  I am feeling very motivated to keep this going.  I have a great process that is keeping my time involved a little less than last year.  Before I start a week I pick out my Pocket Page Protectors and then label each "slot" with what I am going to put into it.  I then print out all the pictures I need and gather all the ephemera.  Finally I can focus on the scrapping and getting it all inserted.  It seems to work well.  Last year I noticed that some weeks were taking me nearly 2-3 days to complete (minus the time I was at work and doing family stuff).  Now I can complete a week in a matter of hours... 1 evening after the kids are in bed.   Which is currently hopeful because I am about 3 weeks behind.  *Sigh*  I guess that is the glory for being on vacation for a week and having a fulfilled and happy life! :)

With out further ado.... here are the last couple of weeks! 

Week 2: 

For this week I added in some tickets from movies, a filmstrip of pics we took at the movies in a photo booth.  Some screenshots of the weather this week.  It went from 61+ to the teens in the middle of the night!  YUCK!! I wrote out our entire week schedule on a 4x6 card from the Clementine edition of PL by Becky Higgins. And I used my Silhouette to cut the "Week 2" title.   I am providing that freebie link for those Silhouette files here.  Here is a preview of the file: 

  The right side of this week includes a rare Facebook update from the husband.  As well as a scanned drawing from my son and a cute random note I found on the back of one of his homework pages "I like my mom".  I included a picture of the process I discussed in the opening of
this post with the organization tips I am loving to keep me on the "get it done" track.  I used some of the Cobalt and Baby for Him Cards by Becky Higgins.

Lastly here is a 6x12 insert of a cute story from my son using a clipped 3x4 card as the title from Clementine edition of Becky Higgins,  some Reminisce washi tape and a shaped clip from Staples.