Thursday, October 25, 2012

Organization for those of us behind.. and Week 31

Well... weeks later and my goal of catching up only appears to leave me further behind.  NO worries though I have a huge goal of catching up by Christmas so 2013 is a fresh start and a stay on track.  Through trials and tribulations I have learned a lot.  Mostly about time management and organization.  I will show you what I am doing to keep things organized so that when I do have the time to play catch up and scrap it up I am not digging for things and searching for items to be added into the that week of P365.   In the front of the box I have a calendar that I write things down in just some quick reminders about what happened that day / week.  This is good for weeks where you may not have a lot of pictures or it was slow but you had some good conversations or quite time.  These notes help keep me in order of what I really wanted to share.  Especially during travel or busy days it only takes a second or two before bed to jot down a few notes.

So I have bought a file box and added in 12 folders. (Thank goodness I do not need all 12 as I have a few months complete!)

Then inside each of the months I have individual files with the week title at the top.  I LOVE these folders because I can write the dates on the front with any special notes.  (Example Week 19, May 7-13: Mother's day, trip to las vegas, Disneyland)  So immediately before I open the folder I know what benchmark events took place for planning.

Lastly inside the folders I have an envelope with the coordinating date and small things / trinkets like tickets, business cards, any pre written journal cards, change (from traveling or my famous and favorite smashed pennies... etc)  this way when I finally get into the week to start working on it all of the memorabilia and information is there and ready to put together.  I noticed even in tonights scrapbooking that this is a HUGE help to me.  Now I am not struggling to search for items.

Finally what I originally intended to come here and show you:  Week 31!  Completed in one evening and less than 3 hours.  There is hope!  Thanks for looking and enjoy!  :)

     This is the 12x12 LO from this week.  I do not love it all however I had a rough time getting this week together with the lack of photos, events, or anything really to share.  It was a struggle!!

Thanks for checking it out, have a good day!