Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jonathan the Elf Week 2

Well we are finally home in my space where Jonathan has free reign to go CRAZY... now the challenge begins with work and soccer and life... let's hope that I can keep up!   It was a GREAT and fun week.  Jonathan loves the house see what shenanigans he has gotten into!

Day 8:
I took a garland with bells (bad idea it was noisy!) from Michaels and hung it with some gift ribbon and a Santa basket (also from Michaels) Hung them between the kids rooms with a good morning note. 

Day 9: Lincoln Logs
My daughter had this buried in her closet.  I tried the Lego house I have seen on Pinterest but I was too impatient digging through tubs and tubs of Legos to find the pieces... this was simple and cute and super quick!  

Day 10: Christmas tree with stocking gifts
I found this mini tree at the dollar store.  So clearly I HAD TO HAVE IT ;) (and the string of lights) the skirt and ornaments are from Michaels.  Jonathan got himself tangled up decorating and left the kids stockings with little gifts in them. 

Day 11: Cheerio Donuts
Classic!  I even convinced my husband to bring donuts home and left them with the Jonathan donuts!  I even used some felt I had and made him a little apron.  My husband laughed and said he looked like a girl.  Nah ;)

Day 12: Grow me a friend! 
Jonathan misses his friends so he asked the kids to grow him some.  I put the Elf one in the water to get it started.  I found these at Michaels and they get 6x's the size of the original.  They can choose to grow the other ones whenever they wanted to. 

Day 13: Mirror elf
Well it was a tough couple of days.  My son got 'in trouble' in school.  He is in Kindergarten and apparently has been having issues focusing.. dancing around and singing.  We were sad to hear that, so was Jonathan and Santa apparently.  Tonight Jonathan redecorated the bathroom with window clings (From Michaels and Target) and wrote a reminder note "Be good, Santa is watching" He even wrote Cayden's name on the Naughty list and Taryns' on the Nice list.  We have had some home troubles getting him to listen too, ugh!  So hopefully this will whip him back into shape! 

Day 14: Wrapping it up
Tonight Jonathan wrapped my daughters door in paper and not my sons. This was hard to not put into action but since it was the weekend we hadn't had a "good boy" school report and we really wanted him to learn a lesson. Plus we are really trying to get him to listen better.  His behavior is over all very good for a 5 year old boy, but the constant nagging of saying things 2-5 times is wearing us thin.  Jonathan left notes on both of the doors. 

Jonthan's morning pose. 

The view of both doors. 

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