Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jonathan the Elf in Phoenix, Az

Back for more?  GREAT...  The good news is at my in-laws they are like my husband supportive but not enthusiastic about all the high profile fun.  So I kept it simple still for the next few days, well if you count making a video in the woods simple! ;)

Here are the few days in Phoenix:

The kids were surprised to see Jonathan waiting in their room at Nana's house when we got there...!  

Day 4:
 My kids love making those Perler bead things so I got them busy work to keep them occupied while we cooked for Thanksgiving.

Day 5:  Animal Sleep over
New movie "Elf Story" left behind with new game "Christmas Trivia" with their best friends: Tommy and Mickey Mouse.

Day 6: Cookies Monster  Elf
We made cookies tonight and Jonathan ate so manny he had to use this mini sleigh to get to the North Pole and tell Santa what good children they had been! 

Day 7: Traveling again
Since we were leaving again in the morning this time I kept it simple.  I packaged Jonathan inside of an empty Foamies project container from Michaels with a tissue paper blanket and his very own stuffed animal (a tiny reindeer bought in the Hobby Lobby miniature dolls aisle) and left a note saying " Please, put me some place safe in the car so I can nap while we drive home" I wrote their names on some of the foamies from kit and "I love you" on a heart.  They loved peeking under the seat and seeing him during the drive. 

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