Friday, September 7, 2012

Project Life Week 29

It is a slowly but surely ordeal lately!  With school starting, soccer at full speed, and the new work schedule I am bidding for a few minutes here and there but I am trying!  Here is a peek at Week 29:

The 12x12 page highlighting the big event of the week:
This one is all digi (as usual most of the time) of our hiking trip on Sunday.

Here is the overview of the 12x12 page protector and all of the events this week.

A close up shot of a few of the inserts both 4x6 some hybrid scrapbooking.  Photo and stamp are digi the left side is scrapbooking traditional.  I like the mixed look of 2 different 3x4 themes on one insert.

 This is a close up of another 4x6 insert divided into two 3x4 parts.  Then of course MY highlight of the week.  Before our hike I saw this road sign for "Memory Lane" of course who could resist?  Well we drove right passed it and on to our hike *sad face*  After the hike my amazing husband was so sweet to stop and pull over.... The heart of a happy scrapbooker and the find of a lifetime!  ;) 

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