Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Project Life

Well I feel like I am starting the year off on a positive note.  My title page is done... whew!  Let's hope that I can keep up this pace all year and then there won't be the pain and agony of being so far behind like last year!  Enough chatter time to show the pages off.... I am really excited about this!  I feel like it is unique and fun and kicking the project off just how I want it!  

I used the Becky Higgins Pocket Page A protectors for this title page.  I really love the idea of all of us holding on to numbers coordinating with the year "2013" in the center.  

Here is a close up view of my "shaker" window.  I used a canvas heart (by Basically Bare) and Chit Chat (by Tim Holtz idea-ology) stickers to outline my title "Our family, our memories, our story."  Behind that I added in some confetti from New Years and then sealed the top by sewing it closed.

Here is a close up view of my new favorite photo of me and my husband playing with sparklers.  I used the following settings on my Nikon D3200 camera: TRIPOD!!  Shutter speed 2" f/stop 5.6, White balance to fluorescent.  If you are doing longer words or numbers then adjust the shutter speed for longer.  Have the subjects stand very still, as you can see we did not, but I am ok with that.  Lastly WRITE ALL NUMBERS AND LETTERS BACKWARDS!! 

 Share your pages with me... join our Facebook group for some good cheerleading, ideas, and great friends!  Here we root each other on especially in times of falling behind or stress, share ideas when we get stuck and for pages, and just chat.  We have some great gals making freebies pretty often... how could you not!!!?

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