Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So I am a bit of everything scrapper: stamper, card maker, scrapbooker, and now I have mixed digital fun into this mish mash of happiness! So last week I was wandering on all my "freebie" websites and ran across this:
Becky Higgins Project life (you should really dig around on this site! or even Google 'project life 2012' and see the images!!)
Then I realized what all the "p365 and p52" items I had been seeing in my digital searches for the last 2 months were being used for... and I was hooked! I later found some other good websites (if you are interested let me know via email!)
This became a must do so I ordered some of the Becky Higgins products, and scrambled through products via digital means and VIOLA got started... so here is MY take on this project:
I am using Becky Higgins binder for easy access and addition of pages. I have the sheet protecters of various patterns and shapes (you can see cover page and week 1 are mostly the 3x4 pieces) and then the week must also include a 12x12 plain layout. Next week I plan on using the 4x6 divided sheet with a 6x6 layout pocket... (BTW the mixed sheet packet are made from We R Memorykeepers and they fit into the binder). I love this project and I love that it will make me make pages and use the stuff I have.. this is a hybrid project some of it I am doing digitally and some of it via old school glue and scissors scrapbooking.. I think it looks great! I feel like I had more to say but like I said I am just waking up and want to help motivate you fellow scrappers and not keep you glued to my silly blog post.. so here are the pics and if you need a list of the sites I use, the products I already LOVE and use.. let me know..
Happy scrappin'

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